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Welcome to
Little Sparrows Day Nursery

Little Sparrows is a unique Day Nursery with a Montessori Dimension that has been successfully offering an exceptionally high standard of childcare and education to children from 6 months to 5 years since opening in 1989, relocating to our current premises in 2005. We are the longest standing Day Nursery in the Cheshunt area and are very proud of the excellent reputation we have.

Our Premises offers a wonderful environment for the children meeting all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage. There is the opportunity for play in our extensive outdoor multi sensory and inclusive areas which has been thoughtfully divided into various parts; giving the children flexibility and choices of play. This includes an undercover creative play area, large playground and very large garden that has been specially designed to give challenging and imaginative play as well as learning skills in the sensory playhouse. Children can also experience and enjoy the growing of vegetables and digging in our enclosed growing area. As we actively encourage children to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, we have all weather jackets and trousers for the children to wear.

Our Ethos is based on the belief that children are foremost their own educators, they are natural learners with ability, curiosity and imagination. It is with this in mind that Little Sparrows strives to ensure that each child is nurtured as an individual in a stimulating environment which supports and builds on their self esteem, confidence and independence, equipping them with the life-long skills that are the core of their future learning.

Our Aim is to create a happy, secure foundation for all children's social, emotional and educational development during their formative years. We offer a high standard of supporting childcare and nursery education, believing in the Montessori philosophy in which children of mixed ages play and care for each other together, rather than the traditional nursery care of baby room, toddler room and pre-school room. We believe this principle allows children to develop positive social relationships, caring attitudes and respect for the needs of others.

The Montessori View

It's application to Little Sparrows in the Montessori group, children are encouraged to choose any activity they wish to work with and to complete in their own time; Montessori found that once children are accustomed to making their own choices, they are naturally attracted to what will best serve their educational needs.

One of the most practical and easy ways to understand Montessori principles is that of sensitive periods. Sensitive periods are transient stages in the child's very early life when he or she is 'tuned in' to certain aspects of the environment. There is so much stimulation surrounding children today; that he or she needs an inbuilt mechanism to make sure he or she acquires the most basic skills and abilities. Little Sparrows' environment and curriculum feed these different stages of interest in the children's development. We aim to key into what the children are drawn to at particular times and to provide activities and opportunities which feed and stimulate them.

Children are encouraged to independence by helping with the washing of tables, sweeping floors after activities, tidying up and serving themselves at mealtimes. They are encouraged to help each other in their tasks and to communicate their needs to each other. Developing good listening skills and the ability to communicate well is given a high priority at Little Sparrows. Group discussions where each child is given the time and respect to express him/herself as well as individual staff/child interaction are considered extremely valuable to the child's sense of well being.

The children are involved in decisions about their environment which helps them to learn and plan, problem solve, negotiate arguments and think through experiences. Visitors to the nursery often comment on the calm relaxed way the children go about their business. This inner harmony springs from self respect gained from learning to take care of their own needs, and from the concentration they have acquired from being allowed to work without interruption at a chosen task.