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What The Parents Think?

Isabelle started nursery school in September. She has settled really well and I would like to thank you for all your support and preparation in her moving to St. Pauls. She was scheduled a home visit where I gave her new teachers the EY Criteria which kindly Rachel prepared for us. They were very impressed and stated this is not something they always receive.

I then showed them Isabelle’s journal of her time at Little Sparrows, again they were delighted that they were able to see what support has been given already from the curriculum, but also it showed Isabelle’s personality and the things she enjoys. I wanted to say what a great support you all have been to Isabelle’s progression and I can’t thank you enough for that.
Nathalie Aliberti September 2014

I can only praise the nursery. Leo is very happy here and always content to attend which makes it easier for me to go to work! He is making good progress and I’m impressed with all the activities he’s been doing which is also evident from his file.
Vannessa Hernandez 2015

I would like to express how happy I am sending Sara to your nursery. My daughter has improved her English a lot and she knows more about the surrounding world. Staff are always polite, find time to speak with me, giving me advice if needed and greeting me and Sara with smiles.
Justyma Niko March 2015

Harry enjoys nursery so much and has made so much progress. He has become more confident and social which shows what a brilliant job you are all doing!
Hayley & Tony Hazard April 2015